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27 February, 2018

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Centralized Communication Centre – Your New Income Tax Officer !

Centralized Communication Centre – 

Your New Income Tax Officer !

The CBDT i.e. Board of Direct taxes has recently issued a very interesting Notification that leads to pave the way for establishing a Nodal Centralised Communication Centre which will incidentally act as your sole departmental interface. You or your CA/Advocate will have to directly reply to the communications from Centralized Communication System.

How Department will Issue the Notice
ü The Centralised Communication Centre shall issue notice to any person requiring him to furnish information or documents for the purpose of verification of information in his possession.

ü The notice shall be issued under digital signature of the designated authority. Now this is important as still the identity of Income tax Officer will get disclosed. This is unlike what we heard previously where both the assessee and tax officer won’t even get to know each other by Name etc.

ü The notice shall be served by delivering a copy by electronic mail, or by placing a copy in the registered account on the portal followed by an intimation by Short Message Service.

ü The information or documents called has to be submitted within window expiry deadlines otherwise window shall close to file reply.

ü The designated authority shall also run sustained campaign to ensure compliance by way of sending electronic mails, Short Message Service, reminders, letters and outbound calls.

How Will You Respond
ü You will have to furnishing the information or documents as required.

ü Income Tax Department shall specify the procedure, formats and standards for furnishing response to the notices.

ü No personal appearance-No person shall be required to appear personally or through authorised representative before the designated authority at the Centralised Communication Centre in connection with any proceedings.

What’s your view on the procedure, you can write in Comment box below !

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