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19 January, 2018

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GSTR-3B Cannot be Filed If TRAN-1 Was Submitted without DSC (Only Submitted not Filed)

GSTR-3B Cannot be Filed If TRAN-1 Was Submitted without DSC (Only Submitted not Filed)

Goods and Service Tax (GST) though known by many people as good and simple tax but in reality it is now very difficult for existing registered taxpayers. In actual there are many returns and compliances under GST but in actual that compliances will be followed when the Site is properly working.

Every day while go for filling returns on GST Portal some issues are existing, from those issues let us discuss the one issue which taxpayer is facing while filling GSTR-3B on GST portal for December month. Inability to file GSTR 3B if TRAN 1 is submitted but not filed:

·        Once TRAN 1 if submitted, it is mandatory to file before filing of GSTR 3B, GSTR 3B cannot be filed if TRAN 1 not filed

Now, the taxpayers are not able to file GSTR-3B for December month until Trans-1 is not filed, the screenshot for the same is attached herewith, but many taxpayers have submitted the Transition forms timely but not filed it through DSC and now if they want to submit GSTR-3B they first filed Transition Form but Govt. has closed that Form from 27th Dec, 2017.

It is very difficult for law obeying citizen as he already submits return timely but though some technical issues arriving at portal, he charged penalty for the same. Government is solely responsible for these problems facing by Registered Taxpayers.

The question simply ends in that

Will Government be liable for any late fees imposed on taxpayers for such late fillings because taxpayers regularly comply with GST Norms but if GST Portal is showing such kind of errors it is not default at taxpayer End?

Team Chartered Online mailed at helpdesk and got to know that same problems has been lodged by many taxpayers and the same is resolved at earliest, GSTR-3B 
Filling allowed to them shortly.


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