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20 May, 2017

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Common man item gets cheaper under GST :-

The goods and services (GST),which is set to be rolled out on 1 july, which is going affect household budget with finance minister decllaration with the point "will not be inflationary"and n some instance price are likely to be drop.


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A host of daily consumption item like fruits, vegetable, milk cereals have been exempted from tax while others like coffee, sugar, tea have been placed in lowest slab of 5%.


Luxury cars will attract 28% GST plus cess of 15%,while the petrol cars will face 28% GST plus cess 1%, and diesel cars 28% GST plus cess of 3%, consumers durable will face total tax about 32% now, and it will be 28%.


GST council had loud decision making body for the tax, look twisted steped ahead while finialising tax framework.


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