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27 February, 2016

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Highlight on Rail Budget 2016

Highlight on Rail Budget 2016

Rail budget is finally looking to be much more than just announcement of few more trains to the constituency of the Rail Minister. It is clearly laying down the path the government wishes to take this huge organisation in coming year.

Some of main highlights of Rail Budget 2016 are:- 
  • No Increase in Passenger Fare.
  • No Increase Freight.
  • Send and SMS and your coach will be cleaned during journey.
  • Focus to provide reserved ticket for all by 2020.
  • Reservation quota of 33 % for Female passengers.
  • Wi-Fi facilities will be provided in association with Google.
  • New Uniforms for Railway employees is proposed in this rail budget 2016.
  • “Rashtriya Rail Yojna” will be introduced.
  • 21 New stations for Ring rail in Delhi.
  • More than 20,000 Display screens on 2000 Railway stations.
  • 17,000 Bio Toilets will be installed in Trains.
  • Additional toilets on 475 railway stations this year.
  • Height of Mumbai Railway platform will be increase.
  • 2 Elevated trains announced for Mumbai.
  • Suresh Prabhu : will change mentality that railway income can be generated by increasing rail fare.
  • Tejas Express will run at speed of 130 KMPH.
  • Collie
  • Mumbai Metro will be connected with Railway.
  • Insurance facility for Travelling passengers.
  • “Astha Circuit ” Trains for Holy places.
  • Thinking to offer FM facility for entertainment during trevel.
  • Retiring Rooms will be booked on hourly basis.
  • New trains with name of “HumSafar”, “Tejas” and “Udai”
  • Will focus on running 95 % trains on time by 2020.
  • 50 % reserved seats for senior citizens.
  • Railway university to be established in Vadodara, Gujarat.
  • Wi-Fi Facilities on 400 railway stations in next 2 year.
  • Passengers will be able to purchase beds.
  • 24 hours helpline 182 for female passengers.
  • To increase passenger trains speed upto 80 KMPH.
  • Wheel chairs can be booked online.
  • There will be no unmanned railway crossing by 2020.
  • Will focus more on social media for better transparency.
  • Mobile Charging facilities in General bogies.
Source: Indian Railway News


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