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31 July, 2015

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Haryana VAT Due Date to be Extended to 10.08.2015– P&H HC

Extension of Haryana VAT Return Online Due Date Extended to 15th September, 2015

Extension of Haryana VAT Return Online / Manual Due Date to 10.08.2015 for Quarter ended 30th June,2015 – CWP No. 15499-2015 dated 30.07.2015 (Directed by Punjab & Haryana High Court)

Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court has directed to Extend the Due Date of Filing Haryana VAT return for Quarter Ended 30.6.2015 to 10.08.2015. The copy of CWP is below.

Further, the court has held that Manual Returns can be filed by the Petitioners for this quarter considering the uncertainties in the transitional Stage from Manual to E-filing. Necessary Notification is soon expected to this effect from the state.

State has submitted that :-
“Ms.  Talwar  appearing  on  behalf  of  the  respondents,  on  having instructions, states that the respondents are undoubtedly encouraging e-filing of the tax returns, but that the respondents are not at least for this quarter refusing to accept the manual returns. They intend issuing a notification.”

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